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LLB Local Image Upload Guide

This is a list of the steps required to locally upload images to LLB's S3.

Run Configurations

  1. Open the LLB backend project in IntelliJ
  2. Create a new Run Configuration for the ServiceMain class
  3. Add the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY with their corresponding values (ask Jack how they should do this)

Start the Project

  1. Run the ServiceMain run configuration to start the API
  2. Run the LLB frontend project (by using npm start)

Create Admin Account

  1. Go to localhost:8080
  2. Create a new general member account
  3. In IntelliJ open the Database tab and enter the query:

    SELECT * FROM users
  4. Edit your account's of privilege_level to 2

You should now be able to upload images when creating events logged in with your account