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Welcome to Code4Community's documentation site! This site serves as the centre of all C4C knowledge, documenting our code as well as our organizational knowledge.

If you're new around here, you'll want to head to the Getting Started section, which describes how to run and develop our applications on your local machine, in addition to some higher-level product development workflow guides.

Each project additionally has its own documentation page. This includes things like application architecture, API route specifications, and even more!

This documentation is always a work-in-progress, as our needs, our partner's needs, and our technical needs change over time. If at any point you find something that could be explained more clearly or is missing entirely, send a message in Slack noting this, and head over here to learn how to contribute to this site.

Jumpstart Course Material

In addition to this docs site, over at, you can find all of the course materials for the Jumpstart fullstack development course we provide to the public. This site contains a ton of amazing resources about many of the same technologies we use internally.